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Protect Your Teeth When Driving Off-Road

Mouth Guard RacingWhen it comes to extreme sports like motorbike riding, athletes and even amateur ones should protect themselves. If you are a fan of motor sports and you wish to ride, you might want to consider wearing a mouth protection. A Mouth guard is one of the best gear you could ever wear during a ride. It may not protect you from abrasions but this little piece of art can do wonders for you and your safety.


Protect your teeth and gums.

Mouth guard is made of elastic material that can protect your teeth and gums. It is well designed to provide soft cushion on your jaw whenever an accident emerges. This is the main reason why you should put on this tooth friendly device. This protects your teeth from falling or breaking once a massive impact comes. As they say, protection is better than teeth loss so do your best to avoid the dentist this year.


Say no to concussion.

Motor riding, whether it is dirt bike, motocross or  you ride a motor just as a mean of transportation, it is still dangerous. Considering that you only have two wheels to balance makes it even more prone to accidents. Concussion, aside from fractures and abrasions, is one of the most common results once a vehicular accident rises. And of course, you don’t want any blood clots on your brain. The good news is, there are mouthpieces available today that are well designed to lessen the possibilities of concussion. This breakthrough in mouth guards decrease the jaw impact to the brain, therefore lessening the events of blood vessels rupture.


Facilitates better air flow.

During stress on racing, a hormone in our body called cortisol are being generated. This sometimes affects your capability of breathing smoothly. Today, there are mouth guards designed to pivot the jaw forward and reduce the production of this stress hormone. Once this stress hormone lowers, you will feel more endurance and better air flow. This way you will last longer and have better condition if you decide to go for a friendly or professional race.


No more cheek biting.

Admit it, there are times when you focus your attention on the road and you don’t realize you are biting your inner cheek linings, right? Yes, that is normal. In a race or a quest to adrenaline rush, sometimes you can’t help but be so furious about the ride. You tend to bite your inner cheeks or your tongue, or sometimes you put too much pressure between your upper molars and the lower ones, and that is not good. However, your dentist got your back (or cheek, rather) with a mouthpiece to protect yourself from accidental and unintentional inner cheek and tongue biting. Mouth guards position and embraces your teeth to avoid this mannerisms. If you cant believe it, then just think of why mouthpieces are also prescribed for teeth grinding.


Just a little dash of shoulda, woulda, coulda.

You should have been safer. You would have been safer. And you could have been safer. You don’t want to utter these words with chipped teeth, swollen tongue and gums, and a head concussion or do you? I know you don’t. In motor sports, you always gamble your life and safety, and adding a little precaution might just save your life (or at least your gorgeous face). Mouthpiece is a handy gear that will not take hours to wear, but this little wonder can have you a lifetime thankful when you experience the benefits that come along with it.

ATVing – Fun for the Whole Family

The Basics of ATVs

Family ATVATVs – All Terrain Vehicles, or “four-wheelers,” as they’re often called, are a popular sport activity in many rural areas of the country. These vehicles provide a great source of fun and entertainment for families and individuals alike. Whether on the beach, in the woods, or on a dirt-racing track, four-wheeling is a great way to spend time outdoors, and satisfy any adrenaline rush requirements you might have!

ATVing With The Family

But four wheeling is not just a lone man’s activity. You can incorporate your four-wheeler into a family fun day, as well. Any time you can get your family outdoors and into the fresh air is great – it builds family bonds and a sense of togetherness, as well as increasing health. While four-wheeling is not exactly exercising, it is very active, and can definitely be a workout in its own rite!

ATVs allow you to get your children in the driver’s seat, while you are right there with them. Younger children can ride behind you, and older children can get experience operating a manual vehicle. It’s great training for the day when you send your child off to drive on his or her own. The sense of independence your kids will get when they can operate the four-wheeler by themselves and explore open landscape is priceless and incredibly valuable as a confidence builder.

There are many family activities to participate in when operating four-wheelers. Group exploring with multiple ATVs in the woods is exciting! Racing ATVs on a dirt track or doing a driving obstacle course mean hours of fun. You can take ATVs to the beach, tracks, the woods, or even just open fields.

Safety Considerations

whole family to be together and adventure, it does come with some hazards that must be addressed for safety. Safe driving means that you should not face any issues of getting thrown or flipping your vehicle, but to be cautious, protective gear should always be worn – especially by children. Helmets are essential, but elbow pads and kneepads should be considered, as well. Tall boots and long pants protect from getting scraped by brush or twigs in the woods, and protective eye equipment will keep out dust and dirt while at higher speeds.

Make sure your children are competent before being allowed to ever drive alone. Spend lots of time making sure they recognize when they are getting into a dangerous or an out of control situation, and that they know how to properly recover. Verify all protective gear is worn appropriately and secured. A helmet that comes off too easily will do no good should an accident occur. Make sure your kids know the limits of what the ATV can handle regarding water, mud, and steep terrain.

With proper precautions and education, four-wheeling is a load of fun for the whole family, and gives your children valuable life skills and confidence. So plan a day in the great outdoors, and have fun hopping logs, climbing hills, and exploring the wilderness!

Off-Roading with My Jeep is Always an Adventure

Off Roading 4x4

Blowing Off Steam

Man, what a day! One of my favourite activities – the best way to blow off steam – took me on the adventure of a lifetime today. That’s right – I blew the doors off the jeep, donned my rugged clothes, and headed out into the woods to spend the entire day in an off-road extravaganza. When I decide to spend days like this, I start early – before dawn. I made my way out to wilderness, and finished up my coffee in the predawn darkness.

Nothing is quite like watching the sunrise as you mud through hills and over rocks and fallen trees. The thrill of the new day arriving as you bounce and fly over terrain is unparalleled. Hours upon hours pass, and it feels like mere minutes. By lunchtime, my body had that sort of aching tiredness that feels just so amazing – and I decided to take a break down by the lake.

I pulled out my lunch – which did get jostled around a bit, I admit – and ate it while I overlooked the water. I was filthy – my jeep was filthy – and my peanut butter sandwich was to die for. I decided it was time to move on to my next goal – boulder climbing.

Boulder Climbing – Straight Out of a Commerical

Boulder climbing is one of my favourite jeep activities, because of the unique take on the off-roading experience. It’s far slower, and way less dirty than mudding, and while it is thrilling, it takes time and careful planning to execute.

I let a little air out of the tires for grip, and headed over to a rock formation I felt comfortable climbing over in my jeep. Boulder climbing contrasted my morning ride drastically. It’s a very slow, methodical journey, not a wild and carefree joyride through mud and water. Every rock I made it over was like a little victory. The challenge of selecting the right entry and angles made me think.

It’s a far different beast then muddin’ or ATVing but man is it a blast.

By the early afternoon, I was exhausted. And so dirty! I knew I had to call it a day and make it back how to wash my jeep clean of a day’s worth of fun and mud, so I headed back. As I cleaned my jeep in the driveway, hosing down the entire thing, I knew I would sleep well that night. And wow, did I work up a massive appetite. I never quite know where the off-road trail will take me, but I always know I’m in for the ride of my life.