Going Mud Bogging? Make Sure You Have the Proper Footwear

Not only do police officers need the best police boots, even mud boggers need the proper footwear. At 1stresponsetech.com mud runners often ask for our suggestions on proper footwear. Well, in this article, we will lay down our suggestions for you. With this, you can be sure to have the right footwear for your next mud bogging adventure.

The right footwear can make the difference in your performance on your next bog run. If your shoes give you a lot of blisters, you can’t expect to cross the finish line at all. Although you can always wear that old tennis shoes you have always been wearing, you need all the comfort that you can get in the bog run. This starts with these three—durability, traction and drainage.

  1. Durability

    Mud running is a tough and rough sport that takes its toll not only with the athlete but also with the shoes. From sharp inclines and declines, to slogging through mud and water, to scaling to obstacles, your pair of shoes will go through a lot the entire course of the race. Add to that the fact that the race will be many miles long and you will understand why your shoes have to be durable. You don’t want to find yourself crossing the finish line with a damaged pair.

  2. Traction

    With slippery terrain and lots of obstacles, traction is key consideration when picking the right shoes for your next mud bogging. Deep cleats should be number one in your list of qualities because this will take your through various terrains conditions. The must is already slippery, you can’t afford to slip further because your pair of shoes does not provide proper traction.

  3. Drainage

    Mud bogging can’t be complete without two basic elements—mud and water. Although it’s nice to have waterproof shoes to repel water, you’d want to avoid this because once water gets into your shoes, you’d want to drain it out as well. As water adds weight to your feet, you become more and more cumbered in your race. You can’t allow that to happen so you better choose a pair of shoes with good drainage.

Choosing the Best Pair for Your Next Mud Run

Although these three qualities are paramount in choosing your mud bogging pair of shoes, your personal preference should be the ultimate criteria. Some runners prefer the minimalist design of the New Balance, the barefoot design of Vibram FiveFingers and the some prefer the support offered by Salomon. At the end of the day, it’s you the runner that will determine what is best for you. Just remember that these designs have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you go for the minimalist design, remember that you will be prone to injuries. If you go for more support, remember it can be heavy and will get heavier as the raise goes on. The barefoot design is the least when it comes to support, but it’s the lightest as well.

Waterproof Items for Mud Bogging


Going out for some mud fun? That sounds awesome. Yet, that would also mean that you need to get into the muddy battleground in which you’ll definitely need to keep yourself properly geared up. Mud bogging is such an awesome sport. Conquering the mud pit is such a challenge. And it’s a sport for those who are looking for some mud driving adventure.

Since you’d be dealing with mud. You know for sure that you’ll get yourself dirty. With that, it’s always important that you wear the right gears and clothing to protect yourself. Well mud bogging should really be a muddled sport especially if you get yourself stuck in the mud. Wearing waterproof items will really be helpful.

Mud Fun

Though many people might hate muds, it can definitely a great playing ground for those who doesn’t care about getting dirty just to prove themselves to be the best in conquering the pit of mud. Except mud bogging, there are other amazing and fun mud sports that adventurous people love including mud running. In which you don’t have a choice but to get yourself muddy and dirty. Despite of that, it doesn’t stop anyone who loves it.

In order for you to get the best fun with mudding, don’t forget to have a little bit of protection. Yes, you are meant to get dirty. But at least find a way to minimize it. People who are into mud bogging should forget about wearing soft and cottony clothing if they don’t want to get muddy and sticky at the end of the day. Best the challenge, beat the mud.

Wear Waterproof

Wearing waterproof gears and clothing is the only weapon mud bogging enthusiasts have. As much as they enjoy the mud, they still wanted to keep themselves protected. You might also want to wear a waterproof military watches to complete your get up.

Let’s start from wearing a waterproof shoes.  Your feet are the first ones to get dirty. Thus, wearing a water proof one will at least protect your feet and disallow the mud or water to penetrate the shoes. So they may be dirty in the outside, but still comfortable and clean in the inside. There are different types of shoes or boots designed for outdoor adventures that have all the features you need.

Then you also have to think about using a waterproof gloves. You definitely need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands while trying to manoeuvre the vehicle. And take note, it should also be waterproof. So whatever happens, you know that your hands are clean and dry. The tacxtactical.com also give better idea about some great tactical stuff that you can use.

Some other items that should be waterproof are your jacket, your clothing, and even bring some waterproof purse where you can put your phone and other important gadget. Just make sure, whatever you use and you are wearing during your mud bogging activity should really be water proof. That’s the only way that you can be sure that you’re fully protected.





The Best Pellet Guns to Take on a Mud Bogging Trip

Going off road can be challenging. Even if you have been mud bogging for years, you still can’t put your own safety on the line. Only those who have the determination and the guts to go off the road and go through the muddy and messy terrain will make it. It’s safe to say then that the sport is not for everyone.

mud bogging

When you are planning to go and drive through the muds, whether it’s your first time or not, you just have to think about some ways to keep you safe and protected all the way. Other than wearing the right gears, knowing the rulebook and aware of what to do in case you put yourself in trouble and get stuck or something are some of the vital things to put on your list.

Mud Bogging Tips for you

The first on the list is that you need to be ready for some real action. The fun really starts when you’re in the depths of mud and beating your opponents. If you aren’t ready to get your vehicle and your hands dirty, then mud bogging isn’t the one for you. Beginners often times are struggling to make the best out of it. But you certainly don’t have to if you know what to do in very given circumstance.

When mud bogging, one challenge that you have to get over is seeing where you’re going. With all the muds smashing all over your vehicle and your sight is blocked. Some DIY tip is to keep mud from sticking by using non-stick oil or you can just use the windshield wipers or probably just keep the fluid motor washer running the entire time.

Always be ready. This is probably the shortest and the easiest tip to think about. When you’re out in the mud with your vehicle, you know all the possible things that would happen. You either get your tires stuck in the mud, you go off track or you don’t know where to go. Knowing how to react when you’re in such situations is a great deal.

Taking a Pellet Gun on a Mud Bogging Trip?

plellet gunThis will definitely acquire so much questioning and doubts from many people everywhere. Taking a pellet gun when mud bogging? Of course, the Pelletgunguru.com is always reminding us of our responsibility when we’re carrying a gun. Yet, pellet guns can be deadly, but it can also be helpful at times that you get yourself into trouble when you’re out in the road.

Since you’re going outside and often in places that’s really from far home, you should also be mindful of your own safety. At some point, you might get bump into some wild animals in which having a pellet gun will come handy. Remember, you are not taking it with you just to scare or to boast or to shoot someone, it’s always about your own safety.

Before you decide to take a pellet gun with you on a mud bogging adventure, make sure that you check whether you still need a license to carry it and find a safe box or container where you can put it for safe keeping.



Portable Gun Safes for Hunting

If you are going hunting, then it is important to keep in mind that you have to keep your gun in a safe carriage. There are people who carry their gun in their usual backpack, after all, they’re going hunting and they’ll take out the gun right away. Why put it in a safe then? That’s a wrong way of thinking. As a gun owner, you should always be responsible and you should make sure that your weapons are stored properly at all times when not in use. You should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Thankfully, there are many portable gun safe options to help you keep your gun in a proper and secure storage all the time. For example, a horizontal gun safe can help you store your guns under the mattress or in the car hood for easier storage and transport.

However, buying a gun safe isn’t just “pick out the best design and you’re done” routine. You need to follow a certain guideline to ensure that you’ve got the best portable gun safe for hunting. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you buy the perfect gun safe.

Get a fire resistant safe. A fire resistant safe can help you protect your gun from accidental fires and hazards. But keep in mind that you can spend thousands of dollars for “fire-proofing” that doesn’t actually work, so make sure to do your research and only get the reputable ones. If you need to bring valuable files and documents, you can also put them in the safe for protection.

Get mechanical dial or commercial grade electronic locked gun safe. Mechanical dial locks are less convenient and will take longer to unlock, but they are more effective than low to medium cost electronic locks. In addition to that, a mechanical dial lock will last longer than electronic locks. If you prefer electronic locks, though, make sure to avoid cheap and imported electronic locks. They fail within a short amount of time as the keypad internals wears out easily. In addition to that, the keypad prints wear out and there’s a risk of having the combination revealed from the clues of worn out keypad prints.

Look at different brands when shopping. Each gun safe brand offers a different set of features, therefore, always take a look at different gun safe brands when shopping. There are brands that offer easier portability, there are brands that offer door mounted rifle rack and there are brands that provide high-end fireproofing technology. Look at different brands and find the ones with the features you most require.

Keep an eye for the safe specifications. It’s like looking at your food’s nutrition facts. A safe may look big and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean it’s more resistant to cutting and drilling than a light 12-gauge steel. In fact, there are gun safes with walls that are so thin they can be penetrated by a fire axe.

The Best Recreational Pellet Gun

Are you up for some target shooting action?  Or probably you’re going out for a hunt? Then you are probably looking for the best pellet gun to use. Although shooting requires skills more than anything else, it is still important that you have the most ideal gun to use.

pellet gun

Except for pellet guns and rifle experts, there are still a lot of people who don’t have much knowledge about finding the best pellet gun. For instance, you have to understand that air guns are designed and made differently depending on its intended purpose. Is it for target shooting, short range or long range, or for hunting? There’s always one air gun that work for each.

Gun Safety Ideas and More

Pellet Gun Guru always reminds us about the importance of gun safety. You might not be carrying a live gun, but pellet guns and other air rifles can still be deadly and harmful if you don’t use it properly. Just like live gun owners, you still are responsible enough to make sure that you don’t hurt or harm anyone.

Especially when you’re using pellet guns for recreational and other fun activities, be responsible enough to know the basic rules of gun handling. Just want gun experts said. You might be holding an air gun, but make sure to use it and carry it just like a real one. That’s the only way that you can be sure that you don’t hurt anyone around you.

Wherever you may be, you definitely know that there are rules and laws that go when it comes to carrying and using guns, live or air. And it varies from country to country or from city to city. So if you are planning to buy an air gun, make sure that you ask about the rules and laws that exist in your area. You might even need to get the license to carry.

Finding the Best Pellet Gun

After knowing the safety rules and tips about pellet guns, the next thing that you need to think about is, how are you going to find the best pellet gun? Following are some of the questions that you need to answer if you want to find the best.

huntingWhat are you using it for? Are you using it for hunting? Or just for general shooting like plinking? There would be specific caliber measure that work for each usage.

Are you strong enough? You need to know your own capacity to handle guns. Some air rifles are quite powerful and it requires some good amount of strength.

How much are you willing to spend? Finally, know your budget capacity. Pellet guns and air rifles come with different price ranges. Some are more expensive that the other.

Some Pellet Guns to Consider

Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle. This is one of the best air rifle you can use for recreation. Its elegant beautiful wood stock design is very likable.

Crosman American Classic Pump Air Pistol (.177). It’s one other best air pistol that you can use and carry for fun. It also offers surprising accuracy.

Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. It’s one of the high end air guns that work for small game hunting or target shooting. It is very versatile, powerful and accurate to use.


Where to Store My Gun while I’m Off-roading

When you’re off in the road and you wanted to make sure that your gun is in safe keeping, then you need to do a little work to find the best ways to store your gun. Carrying a gun can probably keep you safe, but it might also cause you trouble if you don’t know how to handle it right. Not to forget about the laws and rules that applies to it. It even differs from one state or city to another.

off roading

In case you decided to leave your gun at home. You definitely have to think about better and safer ways to store it. It should be somewhere that only you know about. Well some people have unique ways in storing their guns. They put it in places that you wouldn’t even think.  Some might even hide it at the back of a picture frame and hilariously under their dirty underwear.

Wherever it might be, what’s more important is safety. The Goshootguns.com website always reminds gun owners to be more responsible enough. Guns aren’t toys. And it can impose threat not only for yourself but to others if you don’t care, use and store it well.

Storing Considerations

Since you will be away for some time, you don’t want to be wary about your gun while you’re off-roading. Storing a gun is definitely not as easy as putting it inside a box or putting it in a drawer. You don’t want anyone at home, especially the kids to take it out and play with it. That’s one important consideration that you have to think about.

You have to be aware of all the people left at home. Know the possibilities in case they find it. When you have little kids, the greater is the need to secure and safe keep your gun when you’re away. You also know the places at home where your gun is safer for storage. It will definitely be somewhere that definitely no one else would find.

Where to Store?

gunIf you have enough budget to spare, getting a firearm safe or vault is a better idea if you wanted to be 100 percent sure that you gun is safe. Whether you leave it at home or you carry it with you on the road, having a vault to store works perfectly fine. It might cost some amount of money. But it can be the safest and the most effective way to store and safe keep a gun.

If you don’t have extra cash to buy a safe, then you might want to use some imagination and brain cells to find a perfect storage place for your gun.  In case you can’t afford to buy a gun case, then some DIY at home would work. A simple box with a safe lock would make a great substitute.

You might want to use your closet to store it, or somewhere higher that a kid wouldn’t reach. At the ceiling, shoe boxes and a lot more. Just make sure that you store it without a magazine. Or you might want to store the magazines and bullets on a different box. Always remember, safety first!



Mud Bogging Gear Should Be Tied To Your Truck

mud bogging

Mud bogging continues to increase in popularity. You may want to go mud bogging after a long day out on the road, or after a long day at a construction site. Mudding Tires with good sidewall protection are something that you can definitely benefit from as you want to make sure people are safe and happy when mudding. It is not a good idea to go mudding alone, besides what fun is that? You are going to go mudding in order to impress different people.


You need a quality exhaust system in order to go mudding. You have to be able to make sure your vehicle operates well after the experience, going into the game with a lack of an exhaust system means that you are definitely in danger. Good shocks and stabilizers are going to be crucial if you want your engine to purr properly when mudding. You may want to wear things like a brown coat, so people don’t have an idea of how dirty you got from the mudding experience, but the truth of the matter is that you want to
focus on different aspects of your truck while mudding, not really caring about clothing.


Boots are going to be something that you definitely want to bring, you have to be experienced in digging yourself out when you are going mud bogging. You want to be able to make sure that you have good shocks and jumper cables available. You need to get things going when you know you might need multi-shock absorbers. It also very important for you to be aware of how body lifts can make a difference for someone that wants to go mudding. It may sound silly, but you also need to have good brake pads. The brake pads are going to play a key role if you do have to do a lot of stopping and starting. Brakes are always important in every driving situation.


A steering stabilizer bar can be very important when you are trying to have fun mudding. Steering is going to be extremely important, particularly if you are worried about the amount of mud that you can end up having placed on your windshield. You may want to wear gloves, but some people think that the gloves are not going to give you the proper amount of feel and grip that you need on the steering wheel. In conclusion, you truly have to decide about what gear works best for you.